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The Glitch Fairy is an action packed 2d side scroller starring Monie, an eccentric fairy with the unusual power to ''glitch'' her enemies.

Each enemy glitches differently, so our little fairy needs to use her ability wisely to reach different places, discover hidden paths, speedrun, acquire collectibles and more.

Install instructions

Your antivirus might block the installation.  Also you might need to update Directx.


The_Glitch_Fairy_Beta_Demo v2.exe 119 MB

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Awesome game!

Thanks a lot!


Hey! is there any possibility that there will be a Mac version of this up soon? I really wanna play this but I don't have a windows.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in our game! We'd love to release The Glitch Fairy for Mac but it might not happen soon. We will keep you updated for sure if we have more info about a Mac port.